Behind the brand


My Jemma’s founder, Swedish-born Emma Jarach, has always had a passion for clothing and design. After receiving a degree in fashion design and tailoring, she began her career path creating couture pieces for a small local brand in Stockholm.

Next, Emma returned to school to get her masters degree in business and finance, while part-timing for the well-known fashion house, Gucci. Her studies took her to Nice on the Riviera where she fell in love with the Mediterranean lifestyle.

When an opportunity to work in London as Head of Jewelry and Accessories for the brand Lara Bohinc came up, she took it. But after a few years away, Emma missed life on the Riviera and decided to return to Nice. Soon after, she met her husband and settled down to start a family. During that period, she began to play around with the idea of creating her own collection and recognized a need for distinctly unique resort wear. My Jemma was born in 2009, and Emma hasn’t looked back since. The label is Emma’s heart-felt dedication to the timeless appeal of the laid-back, yet sophisticated Mediterranean lifestyle and to the part of the world she now calls home.

The collections inspire feelings of exotic, beach holidays and can be worn just as easily for a family stroll on the beach or a girls lunch in Saint Tropez. The colors and patterns of each of My Jemma bespoke prints have been inspired by the designer’s personal travels, as well as her own experiences on the Riviera. 

Emma created the brand’s logo, a design of the planet and the waves of its four major oceans, as a symbol of My Jemma’s universal appeal and its core connection with the world’s most idyllic coastlines, from the Riviera and beyond.